The bikini chick from American Idol was hated on for looking good

American Idol contestants try to get noticed by things other than their alleged talent like costumes or signs or costumes. It usually just serves as a way to mock the attempt but this is clearly the best attention getter stunt of the series.

Of course the new chick on the panel had a problem with it but bikini girls talent was just as good as any of the others and her sexable body was slightly more appealing to watch than Ruben Studdard or Justin Guarini’s so I approved of the fluff that makes this otherwise mediocre talent show a predictable slog. The┬álady judge had an immediate problem with the stunt because of the innate sense within the chick brain that desires to “nest” and seek safety. A younger, attractive female is a threat to this safety and her youth must be mocked and her attractiveness derided in order to neutralize the perceived threat. In this case the threat is psychological, as her presence and the inevitable attention it gets shifts the power dynamic away from the hippie core of the feminist-with-something-to-prove mindset. It’s an interesting case study in gender psychology and the sociological reactions to evolutionary defaults. Plus bikini.

UPDATE: Katrina Darrell, the bikini girl, returned to Idol for some…thing. idk. but now sporting a new set of boobs (breast implants). What a heart warming lateral-moving Cinderella story. or something.

Sorry body-shamers, but this move was a definite improvement.