Pregnant local news anchor’s water breaks live on air and she finishes the segment

“Breaking News!” That’s the opening to the DailyMail’s report of this story and I couldn’t not-repeat it. I cringe at “you go girl!” style posts lauding someone for doing what they’re either supposed to or what someone of another gender or background would not be celebrated for if such were the case of the story – but this is legit. A human person growing inside another person pops the sack that begins the “get me TF outta here” process and the host-body continues the duties of her job – in this case talking about the new character limits on Twitter – and waits until they go to commercial to continue the birthing process? You go girl!

35 Year Old NBC News 4’s Natalie Pasquarella

Ghetto manhunt for attempted rapist turns into comedy gold

A poor girl (no pun intended) was attacked by some idiot in the projects who climbed into her bedroom and tried to rape her. watch the video…its funnier than the story sounds…

He’s climbin in yo windows tryin to rape people! hide yo kids and hide yo wife cuz they be rapin EVERYBODY out hea. don’t worry though cuz we gon fiiiiiiiyndjyu HOME BOY!
so you can run and tell that.

Thank goodness theres a song for this dude:

Here he is reacting to his internet celebrity status:

Antoine does not care about being an overnight internet sensation, he just wants to make sure that you get caught for trying to rape errybody in the community or so he can beat your ass.