All-Day McBreakfast doesn’t include the most McBreakfastiest item on the menu!

McDonalds is going through some tough times and for some reason all day breakfast is a part of the turn-around strategy, which I don’t understand at either end. I don’t get how serving breakfast menu items is both something that hasn’t been done already given how seemingly easy it is, yet also is fixated to be a profit boosting turnaround tactic. I get that the more menu items that have to be out and either prepared or ready to be prepared means the possibility of more food product waste as ready-made items go unbought in their freshness window while having them made to order (mostly heating pre-cooked items) creates its own problems but neither seem like problems all that hard for a corporation like McDonalds to tackle and solve.

But finally after much public discussion about the possibility, McDonalds has decided to serve breakfast all day. Or at least some of it.

I went to McDonalds today for some breakfast at not-breakfast-time to feel like a baller and jump on this 2015 magic so advanced that Back to the Future (a movie that thought we would have flying cars and hover boards in 2015) didn’t even predict and I ordered a McGriddle. The Spanish accented woman at the counter replied “AH?” so I repeated the word “Mic-Griddle” and she paused with confusion… Which is more than a little odd because – to give away the ending to this story: McGriddles aren’t on the all-day-breakfast menu – but certainly this woman knows what a friggin McGriddle *is*, right? You’ve heard this word before, have you not, madam? I get that it’s not available right now but why are you not immediately telling me *that* instead of acting like this Milk-Greedle thing I speak of is a foreign product? I didn’t order a Grand Slam or a Whopper – I asked for the only breakfast item that has the surname of the establishment in its actual name, and you don’t know what I’m talking about?…

Eventually she put it together and told me “no. we only do thees” and pointed to a placemat menu on the counter with breakfast items that does not include the MC-gridz.

This is insane… Every fast food place that does breakfast has a breakfast sandwich with a biscuit on its menu and McDonalds does too. But the McGriddle is a breakfast sandwich that only McDonalds offers (hence the Mc) and in their big push to remind customers that they are a different and unique place to go –¬†they’ve axed their one proprietary product from the list of options. Madness.

You can get a stack of pancakes and sausage all day, but you can’t get a breakfast sandwich with syrup flavored pancake buns all day.

Wtf are you doing, McDonalds? I don’t even know who you are anymore.

McDonalds food is the new Styrofoam

This story is getting a lot of traction lately and I think it’s unfair since it’s not news. Morgan Spurlock already did this and included it in the special features of his documentary Super Size Me.

But whatever: McDonalds Happy Meal burger and fires doesn’t decompose. This chick Sally Davies bought the meal on April 10 of this year “with the express intention of leaving it out to see how it fared” Davies told the Daily Mail.

She told the Daily Mail that after the second day she had the Happy Meal in her home, “[M]y dogs stopped circling the shelf it was sitting on trying to see what was up there.”


The pictures are here. Wheeler @ wanted to add this rebuttal:

this is bullshit. i have eaten pizza that was weeks old. food left out dries out and wont typically grow mold. another hippie trying to bring down the man. get a real job you old bitch (referencing the artist).

The more processed it is, the more it will likely just dry out and go stale, so its yes&no on the bullshit level.

Yes it’s bullshit cuz they’re implying that it’s like plastic (or like my headline says, Styrofoam) and will just sit in your stomach for a million years like the old chewing gum myth and that’s obviously not true. The food is just dried out and cardboardish like a rice cake. No one would keep a rice cake around for 6 months and claim it is shocking and gross that it hasn’t changed.

No it’s not bullshit though because pure food should mold. These apples should be rotted, a home made pizza should be moldy and a burger should smell terrible with its bun and fries covered in a blue and white Cruella DeVille outfit of fuzz. Yes, sometimes food doesn’t hold the ingredients necessary to foster bacteria in a way that makes it rot but bread and sliced fried potatoes and definitely ground beef should not be in that category.

Spurlock did his test as a REAL experiment: with a control group. He bought a mom and pop restaurant burger and fries and kept them around too and they decomposed naturally while the Mickey’s food looked just like the pictures on this Flickr album…

McDonald’s targeting new demographics

Another one shows a younger male who also has a relationship with another man:

Discussing McDonalds’ push to bring in more minority demos, Bill O’Reilly asked whats next – an Al Queda commercial? Which of course gave his haters another excuse to lie about him. When I saw the headline “Bill O’Reilly compares gays to Al Queda” I was expecting, oh-I-dont-know…a comparison. Silly me. Instead he just says the word Al Queda and that to some people who, I guess hate homosexuals(?) a de-facto alarm that “gays are just like terrorists”. don’t try to make sense of it. just roll with it for laughs.

AOL Food review: McDonalds Mushroom Swiss burger is evil between a bun

AOL Food lays the slamdangle down on McDonald’s Third Pounder Angus Mushroom and Swiss today.

Grade: F
Our food editor’s husband proclaimed that he’d just had the worst burger in all the land, so naturally, we had no choice but to sample for ourselves. Turns out he was wrong. It was in fact the absolute, most extremely, terribly, awfully horrible burger in the known universe.

The industrial mushrooms had the flavor and mouth appeal of a sneaker insole, while earwaxen Swiss cheese and globbed-on mayo formed a thick slick which was, truth be told, necessary in order to moisten the throat sufficiently to swallow the spongy gray mass that was being hawked as an Angus patty.

Bad things happen when McD’s tries to get schmancy, and they beefed this one badly.

I don’t eat no mushrooms on no burgers and swiss doesn’t go on meat (or, eh, anything), so I’ve never tried it, but dang…

Inside the process on new McDonalds menu items

Fox Business Network’s morning show Money For Breakfast gets the skinny on the fat. McDonalds is changing their menu and this chick talks to the guy responsible for the new stuff. You will learn that toasted pumpkin seeds were a failure (later replaced by tortilla chips) and it took 3 years to get a Mcgriddle from idea to sale. yeesh.

Part 2 is more casual and ‘Today Show’ type personal story of the chef and the actual food preparation for a new food product idea:

Check at the end where she explains that another idea that got shot down was having shrimp in one of the salads, and was deemed impossible because McDonalds would then wipe out the shrimp market across the world (or don’t cuz I just told you).