Sasha Grey’s nudity reminds you to spay and neuter your pets (PETA)

PETA has always been good at producing provocative ads and commercials to get their message out, often sparking outrage or critical commentary that feeds the attention they’re trying to get, and since a lot of them fall under the category of “clever but stupid”, I sometimes can’t help but take the bait myself. So it’s not without knowledge of what I’m doing that I comment on this ad by the animal rights organization featuring adult film star Sasha Grey (catch her quick because she’s only got a Hollywood shelf life of another few months to a year before this post is outdated and no one knows who she is*).

“Too much sex can be a bad thing” – take it from someone who has it for a living. Wait, what? I mean, that’s obviously the joke, somehow, but…how exactly? Sasha Grey doesn’t actually think that too much intercourse is bad, obviously, so… like… what? I feel like this could have been clever if done properly but this just lazily uses a nude woman to make an animals-humping-and-producing-unwanted-babies point. Has Sasha had her tubes tied? Because otherwise there’s no “There” there. So…like… make your pet incapable of reproducing because a naked porn star told you so. um…ok?

Come on, PETA… this is not a bad concept, but you’ve gotta try a little with the execution.

*Which I’m not trying to be mean in saying, btw – she seems nice and smart and I don’t see horrible failure in her future – just a return to mostly-unknown status given the arc her career is taking. commentary more on the industry than on her.

Research Saves

Not a hard choice. The rat is cute and that is it’s entire worth to the world. The girl has more to offer, even if you don’t believe in an inherent or divinely given worth to humans.

It’s not all lab rats of course. There is testing on beagles and chimps and other mammals. But if it saves human lives, there is no argument.

You want passion and truth? Okay. Teller and I would personally kill EVERY chimp in the world, with our bare hands, to save ONE street junkie…with AIDS.

-Penn Jillette

Deep fried carp eaten alive

As if “Deep fried carp” didn’t sound delicious enough: a chef in Taiwan is serving it alive, presumably so diners can race to see if they can kill it through loss of its flesh due to their consumption or just good ole traditionally asphyxiation.

I scoured the youtube comments on these videos to find some “stupid ignorant asian assholes!” type rants and came up with nothin. interesting considering when I posted a video of me humanely (as quick as i possibly could, taking no relish in it) decapitating a rattle snake in my yard, I got over 100 “stupid ignorant American asshole” type comments. hmmm…

Oh wait, perfectly logical explanation for that right here: you can’t criticize non-white cultures:

It is not the first time that the Chinese have been criticised for their extreme eating habits.

Reports have claimed some restaurants offer monkey’s brains. Other dishes include rats, dogs, snakes, lizards and baby mice.

Last month Stephen Fry was criticised by the Chinese embassy after he singled out the Chinese culture as being the biggest threat to some endangered species.

“It is not very pleasant for us to single out a culture, but, if you care about lions and tigers and whales and sharks, it is the Far East and the way they eat, or the way they attempt to cure themselves, that seems to be the biggest threat,” he said.

A spokesman at the Chinese embassy responded: “I don’t think it is fair to accuse other cultures of having certain negative habits and traditions.

“We have our traditions, as the Spanish have bullfighting, and you, until recently, had foxhunting. We did not criticise you or the Spanish for this. Tiger bones for traditional medicine are now banned, to the suffering of the Chinese industry.”

Good point. eating an animal alive is exactly the same as killing it for sport. or something.

Glenn Beck punk’s hippie bloggers with Froggate stunt

Glenn Beck, in a segment explaining why, despite his being a staunch critic of Barack Obama’s, he thinks John McCain would have been worse for the country if he had won the 2008 election, used a decidedly controversial visual aid: He tossed a frog into a boiling pot of water on his set.

The stunt was not only an effective attention grabber (had me on the edge of my seat when I watched it at home) but a clever illustration to the warning not to believe everything you hear. Beck was debunking the anecdote that “if you put a frog in boiling water, it will notice the danger and jump out, but if you put it in room temperature water and slowly boil it, it won’t notice and will die”. So Beck goes to a little childrens case of tiny pet frogs and throws one in, expecting it to jump right out and it doesn’t – to which Beck reacts by telling you to “forget about the Republicans, because most of them are fake. forget about the Democrats, because most of THEM are fake. and forget about the frog, because IT was fake”. Then after a commercial break, he fished the plastic frog out of the pot and verified that no animals were harmed during the segment.

Okay. weird. interesting. kinda cute. right?
F*ck no. There was shock and outrage – OUTRAGE I SAY!! – over Beck murdering one of these tiny little spitwads. And these are not vegan sources, thus making their outrage more than a lot hypocritical since, uh – what exactly makes killing an amphibian to illustrate a political point servicing millions of viewers worse than killing a mammal to eat or wear in service to 1? dumbdumbs…

Most of these blogs were relying on an edited youtube video of the segment that cut out Beck stating that the frog was fake. tsk tsk bloggers… Beck gladly accepted the win on his show today:

Charles Johnson of was unhappy about getting the attention over his dubious headline titled “Glenn Beck: Frog Killer” and responded to Beck showing this oops-post of his on air with an impossibly worse/more embarrassing claim: “Beck Lies about LGF“… oy… the “lie” being that Beck didn’t include that Johnson had mentioned in the LGF post that falsely call Beck a “Frog Killer” that there was a possibility that it was a trick. Charles seems to be going through a tough time in his online life as his former admirers start piling on him as he goes through a recent change of calling former colleagues and like-minds racists, liars, kooks, and more and I feel kinda bad for him but… dude… it’s not a “lie” to show that you made a false claim based on edited video you didn’t bother investigating. Ya, it would have been nice for Beck to bail Johnson out a tad and include that Johnson, after stating the false claim as fact, also showed his openness to the possibility that it was a gag, but Johnson has no reason to expect such a pass.

Wtf is wrong with this world when its right-wing leaning bloggers that erroneously freak out over animal cruelty that didn’t take place and PETA is the sane voice of calmness and reason?… yikes.