The newest thing I have to have …

NEED… From the makers of the vacuum that never loses suction and the coolest most efficient way to dry your hands in public bathrooms comes the automated cleaner I’ve been waiting for for years.

Cleaning made easy. With the Dyson 360 Eye robot, vacuuming can be done at the press of a button. The robot has its own app to allow users to control, schedule and analyse data from their smartphone.The machine gets to work autonomously using a unique 360 vision system to build detailed maps of its environment. A Dyson digital motor, Radial Root Cyclone technology and a full width brush bar combine to give the Dyson 360 Eye vacuum excellent pick-up performance. It has the most powerful suction of any robot*.

Cleaning will never be the same again. Using 360° panoramic technology the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner can navigate the room, tracking where it has been and where it needs to go. Tank tracks and a wide brush bar enable the machine to maintain speed and direction across all floor types and over small obstacles picking up dust and dirt as it goes.

This dude explains everything I’ve been saying is wrong with the Roomba and he does with an English accent… SOLD.

Why such emphasis on the camera? BEHOLD WHY:

Via The Dyson 360 Eye goes on sale next spring, first in Japan and then worldwide. The price is not yet set. 

Snow Crossbow

For just 40 bucks, YOU can use snow as a deadly weapon!

First there were these lacrosse style flinging paddles but now… NOW you can shoot balls like a PRO.

Propel Snowballs up to 60 feet!

You’ll look forward to the next blizzard when you’re armed with the Crossbow Snowball Launcher. Load a snowball into the front of the Launcher, pull back the lever, aim and fire at the target (provided) or your next victim. The Crossbow Launcher shoots snowballs up to 60 feet.

Electric Water slowly (too slowly) gaining traction

More development on my favorite invention from the past decade at least: Water that has had electricity passed through it to become an all natural, drinkable disinfectant that is more effective than bleach.

The only downsides are that Electrolyzed water works best on smooth surfaces and slightly less well on others and the fact that it’s still way too expensive:

Researchers note that EO water performs best on smooth surfaces. Bassam Annous, a research microbiologist for the federal Agricultural Research Service, has found it does not work well ridding lettuce and apples of E. coli because the water-based solution cannot penetrate the minute crevices where the bacteria can lurk.

“This is not a silver bullet,” Hung said. “EO water is not perfect.”
Then there’s the price issue.

Viking Pure systems run from $12,000 to $15,000 for larger-scale units and $3,500 for its “mini” units. Though the cleaners cost little to produce, the upfront investment means it makes less sense for a household that goes through a bottle of bleach a year.

Also, it’s hard to get people to accept that it works since they’re used to chemical cleaners:

Deborah Stone, housekeeping manager for Carolina Designs rental agency at North Carolina’s Outer Banks, swears by it and said some of the biggest problems are convincing workers they can clean without suds.

“It’s very difficult for the cleaners to comprehend that because there is no smell and because there are no bubbles, they don’t get the sense that they’re actually cleaning,” Stone said. “You still have those die-hard people that want the suds and the pretty smell.”