DAMN DANIEL is the best thing to happen to the internet in ages…

Zero percent irony. I like it and approve of it and am happy for these dudes.

If you’re late to the party: this string of snapchats of a dude commenting on his friend Daniels style (twice with white Vans) somehow caught fire and is now millions of views strong, half a million likes and re-tweets and it’s all beautifully wonderous. Here it is:

Enjoy the remixes…


Smash, Smash, Suh-ma-ash. Because you’re worthwhile

So, this happened:

I wouldn’t have posted this if that were the end of the story because goofy people giving accounts to the news isn’t really enough to perk my interest in putting something down in the Richardland Hall of Records. The Shmoyoho auto-tuned music video of the account, however, turns a geeked out interview subject encounter into inspirational wonderment.

“No matter what you done you deserve respect. You loveable.”

Try to not well up with emotion when he melodically chants that “you are worthwhile”….

The music video dropped in February 2013 and as of May, Kai the hatchet wielding hero is the prime suspect in a murder.

Update: He’s been indicted.

Prosecutors say 25-year-old Caleb McGillvary could face a life sentence if he’s convicted. A county grand jury handed up the indictment Wednesday.
McGillvary is accused of killing 74-year-old lawyer Joseph Galfy, whose body was found May 13 in his Clark home. McGillvary was arrested in Philadelphia days later.

Authorities say McGillvary and Galfy met in New York City and McGillvary stayed at Galfy’s home.

McGillvary had suggested on his Facebook page before that he had been sexually assaulted by Galfy at the man’s home saying, “What would you do if you woke up with a groggy head, in a stranger’s house, realizing that someone had drugged and raped you? What would you do?”

Hitler reaction parodys being pulled from Youtube

The Hitler-reacts-to-bad-news parodies that replace the English subtitles from a scene in the film Downfall are being mass yanked from Youtube. but why? Constantin films, owners of the rights to the film “Der Untergang” (“Downfall”), upon which the parody videos are based, filed the copyright claim.

Of course, the real question is: why? Why has Constantin Films chosen to suddenly claim copyright on these clips after six years — especially when the clips generate interest from parties who are otherwise unlikely to even look at the film (the film, which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, was independently produced and is entirely in German). Certainly plenty of wayward YouTubers and Internet-goers have been driven to discover the source of the clips that provide them with so much entertainment. So, yes, you wonder why Constantin Films is suddenly putting the kibosh on this obvious stream of free publicity.

Even the director of ‘Downfall,’ Oliver Hirschbiegel, thinks the parodies are funny. He told New York Magazine in January 2010: ‘Someone sends me the links every time there’s a new one. I think I’ve seen about 145 of them! Of course, I have to put the sound down when I watch. Many times the lines are so funny, I laugh out loud, and I’m laughing about the scene that I staged myself! You couldn’t get a better compliment as a director.’

So dude… wtf? Furthermore: the clips on youtube are not copyright violators

The legal merits of Constantin’s argument are clear: They do not exist. Downfall parodies take less than four minutes of a 156-minute film, and use them in a way that is unquestionably transformative. Maybe Moturk49 was somehow making a ton of money from his or her Xbox-related parody, but it seems unlikely. In any event, the Supreme Court’s 1994 decision in the “Hairy Woman” lawsuit established that the commercial nature of a parody does not render it presumptively unfair, and that a sufficient parodic purpose offers protection against the charge of copying.

“Not that that will matter. The issue is YouTube’s kneejerk takedowns. The site is free to do what it likes; nobody will bother going to court over something so ephemeral as a Hitler joke; and though YouTube is obviously the best and most popular forum for any video, it’s not like there’s some inalienable right to run your content there. Still, the use of immediate takedowns is a blunt instrument that YouTube and its owner Google will, I hope, learn to refine in the future.”

As you may have guessed, when Hitler heard the news about all this… he was not pleased…

UPDATE: ReastonTV has more:

1. It’s fair use! The parodies, which transform a few minutes of a three-hour movie, are clearly legit under existing copyright laws. Because they clearly transform the original and have no possibility of confusing viewers, the parodies are clearly protected speech.

2. This is free promotion! As George Lucas could tell the filmmakers, fan-generated videos help keep the original source material vital and relevant. Lucas used to try to police all Star Wars knock-offs, until he realized that his audience was promoting his films more effectively than he ever could. More people have surely seen Downfall due to the popularity of the parodies.

3. Let’s keep the Internet creative! The greatest cultural development over the past 20 or so years has been technologies that allow producers and consumers to create and enjoy an ever-increasing array of creative expression in an ever-increasing array of circumstances. This development is nowhere more powerful than on the Internet, which has unleashed a whole new universe of writing, music, video, and more. Indeed, YouTube is itself one of the great conduits of cyberspace. Pulling down the Downfall parodies may be within YouTube’s rights, but it nonetheless strikes a blow to the heart of what is totally awesome about the Internet.

In Defense of Seth Green

So there’s a video of Seth Green yelling at someone on set. big deal.
I’m annoyed because I clicked over to the video from a link that called it a “tantrum” and had lots of Green bashing comments, and indeed on youtube “Green is a douche” is the overwhelming sentiment. But just hold the hell on: lets examine the evidence here first…

Video of a guy yelling at someone is just that. Now, at the end he does something a little tantrumy that puts it over the line, but before that its just your run of the mill “you fucked up and you’re clearly not sorry about it at all, which i find extremely irritating and disrespectful” rant. The video does not show and does not make any claims in adjoining text anywhere on how it started, so wtf? How do we know the person getting yelled at didn’t start it or at least deserved it? There are a lot of stupid idiot arrogant smug jerkass self serving assholes on movie set staff. The gophers, the assistants, the prop guys: there is a straight 50/50 chance that any one of them will be competant and pleasant or completely horrible at life and apathetic about it and needs to get browbeaten and yelled at.

Again: the table + storm off is not the finest move. but there are not circumstances that could not justify them, so I’m waiting to hear them before passing condemnational judgment.

I’m also inclined to side with Seth in this brief, out of context clip because of the bullshit “hey man, chill out” physical contact. I hate that. there’s no reason for it. Green wasn’t getting violent and wasn’t, presumably, going into unhealthy or disturbingly nasty or long winded hate rants – he was telling someone what was up, so don’t try and pull this “hey, my healing touch will settle your mood” OR the more condescending “im going to step in and mother you right now even though you’re not wildly out of hand”. Green rejects the physical contact and tells him to back off, as he should have.

You people outside the business don’t realize what big important Hollywood stars like me and Seth Green have to deal with on a daily basis… Every celebrity yelling is not necessarily a tantrum.

I fully understand the penchant to view Seth Green as a total douchebag – he has everything working against him: he’s rich, he’s successful, he’s into nerd stuff, he’s short and when he plays a character on-screen, that character has mostly negative and douchie qualities. I get it. But these are not reasons to smear the real-life Seth Green, and I have reason to believe he is a normal and possibly even cool individual. If I’m wrong then fine, but out of context yelling does not a douchebag make, and I will defend that notion to the death (or at least till there are signs of injury, then I bail. but before then: I’m fighting god dammit).

Besides: there is always the (in my opinion, likely) possibility that this, with its convenient timing/editing and quick ending, is a total setup and all you attackers are playing right into a viral marketing scheme. I did recently hear him on the Dennis Miller radio show plugging a partnership with Butterfinger candybars, though idk how that specifically would enter into a video like this where no candy is visible or present, but that could be a later-reveal too.

I give the following odds of liklihood: 53% staged, 45% Seth was right, 2% Seth’s reaction was an unjustifiable crybaby tantrum.
Anyone wanna bet with me?…

UPDATE: BAM baby. Good thing no one bet me, cuz I’d own yo azzes. The video was a preview of the Butterfinger promo site http://www.dudewheresmybar.com featuring Mr Green.

I stand by everything I said in the original post, including the defense of Green under the supposition that it was a real tantrum caught on tape (which I only gave a 45% liklihood). EAT IT SUCKERS!