Toy Story 3 pre-thoughts

I am fighting the urge to download the Toy Story 3 bootleg before I go and actually see it some time this weekend (finally, gawd). But in the mean time I’m taking the opportunity to carry over some issues I’ve been discussing about it with others:

First, we can all handle T3 with the sighs of relief via the knowledge that it won’t be the last time we see them in theaters ever. the Toy Story characters will come back to big screens in 2011 in a short skit before Cars 2.

Too bad Cars sucked. Granted though that Pixar doesnt make bad movies, so even their fails are better than Dreamworks or Fox’s best efforts, but no – Cars lacked anything epic. It’s actually one of Pixars worst performers, box office wise but the NASCAR merchandising is such a goldmine that they want to keep the characters fresh in the popculture mind.

I actually think nothing truly good should “end” if it can still be done right. I dont mind waiting. TS3 took so long because the Pixar President had it in writing that it would NOT be made in it current form when Disney planned it years ago. Originally it was the story of TS2 except with Buzz in the Woody spot – he gets recalled and the toys travel to Tokyo to rescue him. It blew so Pixar forced Disney to kill it and only relented when a TS3 script came along that actually moved the story somewhere.

I would like to see Seinfeld, Friends – even Cheers, come back every 11 years or so when legit stories to be told are thought of. I like that they’re not cutting us off entirely with TS3 so its not like the characters have died to us – just fade away.

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