Remember when Bill Clinton thought Iraq’s WMD was a big deal?

Ya… Didn’t think you did. Because you’re more interested in scoring political points than knowing basic bullet points of recent history and American foreign policy.

I’m only indignant because it’s been years of this history revision as if Iraq was a total invention by the current President as being an issue at all when the not-so-distant history is that Iraq has always been on the radar as a looming threat that requires more action than just containment and hoping things go well.

Dude, come on though. It’s been years of this. I used to balk at the “liberal media” cries but the mass cover of how the President directly preceding this one was using the exact same foreign policy based on the exact same national security advice of both his administration, his friends and even his not-so-friends – while attacking that same strategy by a different president of the non-liberal party is kindov an argument ender.

It’s fine to criticize any policy decision, but why does the left rely on such manipulation and distortion to make their emotional appeals? It’s unnecessary. There is plenty of legit criticisms to be made about the war on terror and Iraq as a battlefield in it. Why is literally anyone anywhere still peddling the “Bush lied, people died” nonsense? And why is there not a concerted effort among all mainstream publications to just inform the public and THEN editorialize on what is good or bad or a mix of the two?

Every intelligence agency in the world including those who didn’t support the Iraq invasion like France, the KGB, but also the Mossad, German intelligence – everyone looking into the subject concluded Iraq was probably illegally harboring deadly weapons with the ability to destroy on a mass scale.

If you want to argue that after having 3 thousand innocent civilians murdered on our soil by groups in the Middle East, THAT was the time to all of a sudden drop our foreign policy from the previous administrations regarding a different Middle Eastern enemy then do it. Have the guts to do it.

Don’t be a coward and lie about lies that were never lied about.

Zell Miller vs Alan Keyes

Good: (D) Zell Miller

For anyone who doesn’t know who Zell Miller is – he’s a Democratic senator from Georgia who’s the head of “Democrats for Bush”. He’s the first guy in history to deliver the keynote speech at both a democratic and republican convention. In 92 he made quite a powerful speech for Bill Clinton and against Bush the elder and the Republicans with the theme that “they just don’t get it” and why America needed Bill in office. In August 04 he delivered an equally rousing speech for Dubya (must have been an awkward moment seeing the first Bush at the convention) with pretty much the theme of “they just don’t get it”, only this time he’s criticizing his own party. Miller says he was born a democrat and will die a democrat and will not switch his registration just because he’s voting for and supports president Bush & his policies on the war on terror.

Zell: “Media are trying to paint me as an angry nut”…

He wasn’t an angry nut. He was firm and just wore kindov a scowl through his delivery. Wutcha’ll think? I think it was one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard, ever.

Part 2:

> BAD: (R) Alan Keyes

Posted in the hawt-links below – Alan Keyes. The Republican nominee for senate in Illinois is quite the wacko.

Future Vice President and then President, Barack Obama said this amusing slam to/about Keyes:

I don’t think it’s unfair to base who a religious figure like Jesus might favor in a political election, but Keye’s answer her is not even close to the right way of going about it.

Update: Figured I’d post this too cuz it’s interesting. I wanted to add an example of him being crazy-bananas over something so naturally I searched for his positions on homosexuality. This clip isn’t crazy-bananas. I disagree with the opinion and think the non-opinion claim is probably factually wrong, but its not as nuttyfruitcakes as I expected so whatever. I’m including it. Don’t take that as me walking back anything about his sanity.