Dexter star divorces his co-star wife

In this “real life” place, circa 2008, Dexter (“real” name: Michael C. Hall) married his sister and now they’re gonna go ahead and not do that anymore:

Dexter star Michael C. Hall and his co-star wife Jennifer Carpenter are divorcing after just two years of marriage.

The actors, who play brother and sister on the hit drama, wed at the end of 2008 – a year before Hall was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Carpenter said in October that Hall’s cancer battle had brought them close than ever.
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“His illness was the best thing that ever happened to us,” she said

However, a representative for the stars has confirmed that they have decided to part ways.

“Having been separated for some time, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall have filed for divorce,” the publicist told Entertainment Weekly.

I didn’t know of his illness, other than his sociopathic need to murder people and dismember their bodies (there is no actor behind the character for me, if you haven’t noticed) but I also don’t really care. I care about how this affects the show that I just started getting into at Thanksgiving. I’m almost done with Season 3 now. Season 5 just wrapped. Actually, the episodes I’m watching were aired right around the time Dexter married his on-screen sister. and now they’re done… I was hoping the only time we’d seem them split would be when one of them got cut in half – which.. may happen now, right?

They have to either write out this chicks character with some decision to move to Oregon or kill her, right? Otherwise the awkwardness on set would be just too much to get through.

Maybe she’ll get accidentally killed by Dex cuz she has a bag over her head like that urban legend where a reluctant dude joins a gang rape of a hooded victim and after he’s done it’s revealed that it was hiss sister (wait, is that a real urban legend? or did i read that in a dirty novel or something?). Or maybe he will and they’ll change the name of the show to DEBRA as she carries on his legacy after finding out about him – or even better – they keep the name and her inner monologue is about his memory with flashbacks of him that guide her instead of Dexter remembering Harry….ya, thats not gonna happen.

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