This Selfie-Drone will be following me in the air next year

Finally someone started making the “flying camera that follows you” that I invented 10 years ago.

I bought one but it won’t ship until February 2016.

I’ll be interested to see more of the cam in actual action and testing but so far most searches turn up videos of girls name Lily singing songs I never heard of, dogs named Lily with GoPro’s strapped to them, and various less-wholesome cam related activity.

The ultimate space utilizing apartment

24 Rooms in 330 Square Feet. How? The rooms collapse and fold into each other so each room is essentially a droor. Why don’t all apartments have a feature like this? This is an extreme extent but seriously: why isn’t this common to do with at least one room in crowded urban areas?

Architect Gary Chang calls his 330-square-foot apartment in Hong Kong the “domestic transformer”, but we think that moniker is better suited for the architect himself. By designing a system of sliding walls and innovations — like the guest bed that folds down over the bathtub — Chang transformed his childhood home into a 24-room apartment. While his renovations are wildly inspired, here at ShelterPop we couldn’t shake the feeling that this metamorphosing home was better in concept than in reality.

FINALLY: Worlds largest rubber band ball record broken

I tried this for awhile but got tired of it. I kept my tin foil ball (copying the boulder sized one on Pee Wee’s Playhouse which impressed me) going much longer.

Screw this guys ghetto friends and bless his supportive, encouraging “momma” (which i have no idea why the reporter called her that, so I’m just gonna go with “racism” as the explanation).

Exit question: will we ever stop with the tired insult of saying someone has too much free time on their hands? How annoying is that? Do YOU also have too much time mr reporter guy? Cuz if not, then why are you wasting it on such a story that according to you isn’t newsworthy? Jerk.