Democrat to Hannity: “Aren’t you tired of this sh*t?”

and that’s not a paraphrase. the dude (liberal pundit Bob Beckel) said “shit” on Fox News without batting an eye – which is, i’d say – amusing enough to post it. It’s cable news so it’s not illegal or anything, but… its cable news. people don’t normally say “shit” on it and it’s generally frowned upon. It’s funnier though that everyone except conservative columnist Cal Thomas doesn’t react at all to the naughty word that was uttered and just keep rolling along.

Bush Bashin Obama, Hacky Hannity and the facts

Sean Hannity just played a clip from Obama’s speech where he talked about Bush and came back with the awesome come back of “will the Bush bashing ever stop!?”. ooooo! zing! LOL Sean! Good one! that is such an annihilating smackdown that it in no way illustrates what an untalented hack you are! who cares if Obama’s list of Bush foibles was accurate – YOU SURE TOLD HIM! lulz. Hannitee 4 Prezident LOL lulz roflma fml.

This part of the speech is what Hannity was referring to:

The worst part is that he could have actually made a point there if he weren’t such a knee-jerk Republican shill that thought non-hilarious one-liners like that were acceptable retorts to the opposition in power.

He could have, for instance, maybe brought up the fact that Obama is going to triple the national deficit this year and even the Whitehouse’s own estimates show they plan to put Bush’s spending to shame.

And it doesn’t stop there, Woody. This Buzz Lightyear is going to Infinity and Beyond:

Karl Rove gave an ACTUAL response to the Bush stuff (is it too late to give him Hannitys job?):

transcript from Karl Rove’s segment with Greta Van Susteren:

“I can find no administration in which there is such a frequent recourse to blame the previous administration…

They want to blame the Bush Administration for the debt. I happened to be last week in a debate with David Plouffe in which he blamed the Bush Administration for the deficit this year. And I said, “Wait a minute, what about your spending bill? It was your bill, President Obama’s $787 billion Stimulus Bill. What about the $33 billion SCHIP bill that he signed? What about the $410 billion Omnibus Bill?” In reflection didn’t Senator Obama support the rescue package the recovery package last fall, the $750 billion to help rescue the banks? $350 billion dollars of that was spent by the time he got into office. If he didn’t like that spending he could have said, “You know were not going to spend another dime of that $350 billion,” and yet he did…

I think this is wearing thin. This is causing the American people to say, “Wait a minute. This is all your spending. Why do you keep blaming the guy who came before you?”

Hannity grills Dick

Dick Cheney on “Hannity” promo says “its a hard hitting Hannity exclusive”. a little misleading, considering “hard hitting” in context of an interview usually applies to the interviewer, not the guest. The promo should have just come out and said “Sean Hannity gives the former Vic President an unchallenged platform to bash the shit out of the opposition”.

If Sean Hannity runs for president…

In 2005, veteran Whitehouse reporter Helen Thomas was quoted as saying to The Hill magazine that if Dick Cheney runs for president, she’d kill herself. Now in 2009, I am compelled to make a similar announcement as the thought of President Hannity is floated by one of his radio colleagues guesting on his show.hannity2012

WND reports that Hannity said he would consider becoming a candidate for President of the United States…. if God directs him.*groan*

“I’ve never made a decision in my life without – whatever destiny God has you’ve got to fulfill it,” he is said to have said, adding “I’m not sure that’s my destiny.”

WND also editorializes that “Hannity would make a formidable candidate, with the likability of Reagan, good looks and strong convictions”. I’ll ignore whether he’s good looking or not but the “likability of Reagan?” Don’t make me puke. Can you think of one Democrat that would cross-over to vote for a Hannity ticket? Strong convictions? How is “whatever the republican party says is awesome” a “strong conviction”? oy u guyz…

Later in the program, a member of the audience asked what the host thought of a Hannity-Palin ticket with the following response:

The studio audience erupted in applause.

Hannity asked: “Would any of you really want me to run?”

Loud applause followed.

Hannity then asked, “How about I just stay on the radio?”

No applause.

Hannity hearts Dem town hall rabble rousers

Tonight Sean Hannity snickered over video of people getting snippy with Democrat Congressman from MA, Barney Frank, and in true hack fashion, had nothing besides the snickers to add to the reporting. *yawn*.

At the same town hall Barney told a woman there comparing the Obama socialized medicine plan to the German National Socialist (Nazi) plan, “Trying to have a conversation with you would be like arguing with a dining room table.” Although I get the impression from Barney that he is exactly the time who regularly argues with furniture, the chick was not wise to bring any comparison with Nazi’s into the debate. It’s actually the first I’ve ever heard where a conservative used the Nazi slur against a liberal. Weird. and stupid. UPDATE: I assumed wrong. The lady who made this comment was NOT a conservative as I erroneously said. she’s another Lyndon LaRouche (liberal) follower. I regret the error.

Previously, Hannity similarly covered a St Louis town hall meeting with MO Senator Claire McKaskill (D) asking a rowdy audience the same question as Frank: wtf is up with all the yelling? Do you think you’re persuading anyone with it? I think probably not and the purpose is just to vent and voice disapproval of their policies, but still – what IS up with all the friggin yelling?